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"I quickly started seeing results."
“I have been taking this class for 9 months now and I love it! When I started, I was 20 lbs over weight and my waistline had disappeared. I also had no strength in my core or upper body. I quickly started seeing results. I lost all the extra weight and love my new waistline! My core is much stronger and my arms have definition! Don't be intimidated. Class is for all levels. Come join us, you won't be sorry!” 

–Sherryl C., age 51.

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"I have never been stronger 
and more fit in my life."
-Chalise W. 
Client Testimonials
"One of the best...workouts ever."
"Cyndee's bootcamp class is one of the best, most grueling workouts ever. It's non-stop, action packed, heart thumping, always changing, and super high-intensity. I have never been stronger and more fit in my life. I would highly recommend it for anyone that really wants to push themselves mentally and physically. The class is just awesome!" 

-Chalise Westenskow, age 31.
"I am one size away..."
"Personal goal - I am one size away from being back in my size 6 jeans that I was in before I had my daughter 8 years ago!!! Thx for starting me off right this year!!!"

-Becky Bowles, age 32.
"I feel like for the first time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!"
"The Isagenix cleanse drink tastes really good! 
The shake and cleanse plan is actually easier than I thought.
I have lost four pounds so far! I feel like for the first time, 
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!" 

-Lindsey S., age 31, mother of 4

"Thank you for introducing me to Isagenix!"
"I started an 11 day cleanse yesterday and I always forget 
how much better I feel when I am cleansing or drinking the shakes. 
Even just one day in, I feel much more energetic 
and like some bloat is gone. 
I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Isagenix!"

-Gentry, age 20-something
"Thanks for introducing me to the Thunder."
"I just wanted to tell ya thanks for introducing me to the Thunder (protein). I am down 16 pounds in 2 months."

-Candace B.