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FIXX™ is a convenient, organic, chocolate meal-replacement shake made with the highest quality standards on earth. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, protein, and a fruit and vegetable blend, FIXX provides ABSOLUTE nutrition with amazing taste. FIXX comes in convenient single-serving packets. Simply add water or milk and enjoy! Perfect low-glycemic nutrition! Perfect 24 Karat Chocolate taste at only 100 calories!

Encompass Health & Fitness Products
Encompass takes pride in being able to offer our customers QUALITY, NATURAL nutrition and health products. All of the products we currently offer are from Utah based company ForeverGreen, and Isagenix.

ForeverGreen products listed on this page. 

For ISAGENIX product information, please click here
High quality, natural, great- tasting products are our top priority.
Thunder™  is a 24 Karat Chocolate protein shake made with organic whey protein, vitamins, minerals, a broad spectrum of probiotics, enzymes, and apple fiber! Thunder is low-glycemic and is sweetened with the crystals of honey, with only 72 calories and 4g carbs per serving! Perfect as a meal-replacement, snack, or post-workout recovery.
Pulse-8 is the advanced proprietary formula containing a specific blend, which includes L-arginine, in very specific ratios. It is designed to provide optimum cardiovascular support and may aid in achieving less body fat and increasing energy.
Pulse-8 also includes vitamins B, C, D and CoQ10 in a lemon-lime base with no artificial flavors.
A must-have for anyone looking to improve their cardio stamina and recovery.

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26 RAW, WHOLE food fruits, nuts, seeds, tubers and grains.
Eat...26 organic and or clean raw foods. Pulse comes in 3 flavors and is made fresh daily. Pulse is a proprietary food blend headlined with Hemp 
and also uses sprouting technologies. Pulse is a signature food from head to toe. Pulse is the highest quality of food known to man. Feel good, eat liberally, no guilt.
Sprinkle on oatmeal, yogurt, or salads, add to shakes, or snack straight out of the bag!
$24.95-$25.95/16oz bag
(equivalent to 8 bars, also available)
FORM™ contains a proprietary, ultra-pure FDA-compliant hydrogel platform technology for use as a pre-meal gastric bulking agent. When combined with water, FORM expands in your stomach, sending a message to your brain that you are less hungry. FORM puts you in control of your portions, helping you make decisive eating habits, not compulsive ones. Weight management should be simple without harmful side effects or surgery.
$44.95 for 90 capsules

Other products available including
essential oils, hand soap, shampoo, etc.
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