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Before/After Photos of Encompass Clients
These are just some of the journeys and success stories of Encompass Health & Fitness clients! Start yours today!
Rusty is 2 months into his Isagenix transformation. 
So far, he has lost 19 INCHES20 LBS, and 3.3% BODY FAT!
His results have come strictly from starting to change his diet with Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss system products, his workout habits have remained the same. 

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Cyndee lost 5 LBS and 2.5% BODY FAT in 1 month, using Isagenix's 30 Day Energy & Performance System. 

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“I have been taking this class for over 9 months now and I love it! When I started, I was 20 lbs over weight and my waistline had disappeared. I also had no strength in my core or upper body. I quickly started seeing results. I lost all the extra weight and love my new waistline! My core is much stronger and my arms have definition! Don't be intimidated. Class is for all levels. Come join us, you won't be sorry!”

-Sherryl C., 51 years young!

Dena lost 5.2 LBS and 1.2% BODY FAT on the ISAGENIX 9 Day System

Since coming to Encompass classes, she is down a total of 12 LBS and 4.1% BODY FAT, despite having health issues that make it difficult to lose weight. 
I love that this couple chose to get healthy together! 
Your success rate soars when you have a partner to support and join your journey!  
Kaitlyn lost 10.4 LBS and about 1% BODY FAT, and 
Gene lost 11 LBS and 1.4% BODY FAT 
in just 9 DAYS on Isagenix! 
Congrats to Nicole 
and her amazing 
results so far! 
She is down 18.5 LBS 
and 7% BODY FAT 
in just 10 weeks 
of coming to 
Encompass classes 
and eating healthier!
Gentry lost 8.2 LBS and 
2% BODY FAT using the Isagenix 
9 DAY cleanse and shake system!
Matt lost 8 LBS and 
in 9 DAYS on Isagenix!
This is especially amazing 
for how low in 
weight and fat 
he already was! 
It gets harder the 
lower you get, 
so great work, Matt! 
Healthy, natural, 
real results!
After losing 20 lbs coming to Encompass classes, Sherryl still had those last few pounds that just wouldn't come off.
 She was skeptical about Isagenix, but finally tried it and lost 
7.5 LBS and 2% BODY FAT 
on Isagenix's 9 DAY plan, 
keeping it off for over 6 months without having to do another 9 day plan. 

Katie has put in hard work with both diet and exercise and is down 
52 LBS!! She is also incredibly stronger and building muscle since being faithful in coming to classes at 5:30am! She was already on her way to her success when I met her and I am grateful to have been able to see her continue to work hard and progress towards her goals. She truly is an inspiration to me and I know she now will be to many others! Great work!!
Taylor has lost over 75 LBS in under MONTHS! She has put in so much hard work with her diet, training with me 3-4 days a week, and it shows! I'm so proud of her dedication and her amazingly positive attitude towards being healthy and fit! What an inspiration!
December 2014 - December 2015
Aside from my certifications, I knew that as a personal trainer that I would learn more from a seasoned trainer than I ever would from a book, so I hired my own trainer, Craig,  in the Fall of 2014. I learned about the Ketogenic diet and the low carb, high fat way of eating that I have come to love. This picture just proves that you can still build muscle and lose body fat eating that way! 
123 Lbs - 148 Lbs
The number on the scale doesn't always mean everything, which is why I like to measure my client's body fat as well. 
Erin has lost over 14 LBS, gaining lean muscle and losing body fat! She has been dedicated to waking up early and training with me 4 days a week! She has an awesome attitude and makes training fun! I love the dedication of my clients, they inspire me every day!.
Amanda has been an amazing client to work with as she always puts in 110% into every workout! Her story is nothing short of inspiring. 

"The photo on the left was June '14, when I tried to lift on my own.  I lasted about a month and gave up, which is basically the attitude I had for everything that was outside my comfort zone of bulimia.  I started training with Cyndee in February of 2015, which is where I finally stuck to something. Fast forward to the picture on the right, February of 2016.  From skinny fat to strong! I have whined,  bitched,  and cursed 4x/week for a year, and it was  SO.WORTH.IT."                 -Amanda Z., 29